Top tips for becoming
the best marketer

Whether you want to establish yourself as a leader in your market or improve your brand image, developing a marketing strategy is essential. A good marketer must be creative, have a good strategy, good timing and know how to innovate, manage the emotions of prospects and build customer loyalty.

Marketing: key success factors

These factors must be defined when defining your marketing plan. SWOT is a model used to determine which strengths to build on and which weaknesses to eliminate, more on

Data Storytelling


Data Storytelling

Make your data talk!

Telling a story helps contextualize an idea and makes it more memorable. This is the basic principle of data storytelling, which is a proven technique in digital strategy. A data storytelling management platform such as offers companies tools for a more efficient data management.

Storytelling in marketing

Storytelling in marketing

Storytelling is a digital marketing technique used to better capture the attention of the target audience.

Mini-ads or mini-advertisements

Online advertising that attracts Internet users, without harassing them or making them flee from your website.

Video email

The new trend!

Videos are the key to differentiating emails and making them more appealing. explained that combining video marketing and email marketing is now used to improve interactivity and boost subscriber engagement. It is possible to integrate the video into the email by converting it into an animated GIF, add it as an attachment, stimulate its integration with an embedded player or a simple link.

Content management

Content marketing strategy

Professional blog posts

Rich and interesting content

Professional blog

Keeping a blog is a key element of an inbound marketing strategy. However, the post must follow an editorial line.

Those who have met with success

Success stories or case studies

Companies can use success stories and case studies for lead acquisition and customer retention.

Success stories or case studies

Social Network Marketing

Publications on social networks

A strategy to generate additional traffic from social networks and convert visitors into customers.

The pillars of a winning SEO strategy

In SEO, especially in social referencing and international referencing, one seeks to have sustainable results over time. Among the pillars of an SEO strategy, we mention the realization of an audit of its site, the definition of clear objectives and the establishment of a good content strategy, provides more information.

winning SEO strategy