Are you making full use of your company’s data?

Every modern business needs to protect its data with the right security protocols. You should not ignore data protection. You must have advanced solutions with a turnkey approach on an ongoing basis.

Why protect data?

Data protection is often asked for in business surveys. There is often a gap between actions and words. The more your business grows, the more data you will have to protect, as you will have more creation, management and storage. Security is the most important part of getting the electronic part of your business right. You will lose money and time in the event of a data breach. It can also damage the company's reputation, as you will always be subject to hacking, whether you are a large, medium or small company. The larger your data, the more attention you need to pay to your data security. You can ask for external assistance from Toucan Toco, leader in integrated analysis, or reinforce your team with an expert. Don't wait until you're in the middle of a boom to start looking at your data security.

What are the characteristics of enterprise data?

There are many types of enterprise data, such as security, which includes data that is accessed through authorised and controlled access. There is also integration which ensures that you have one version of your data: consistent and unique to share across the organisation. Quality which means that the data must follow identified standards to vary the components of the data internally and externally. You can also find redundancy that arises from discrepancies and errors. In this case, use strategies to model and manage the data. And finally, there is scalability, as your data needs to evolve, be both flexible and robust to meet your requirements. Be more organised in filing data to better manage archives and of course avoid legal issues if any exist. Security should not be an add-on, but a fundamental tool in data management.

What are the strategies for securing corporate data?

Your strategy should be clear with the use of the best possible tools to provide you with the highest security in a rational way. Your staff must have access to critical systems and data in an efficient manner. You need to focus on a clear strategy with the best possible tools. You need to have great security in a streamlined way. You will need a recovery function that is available at all times and that keeps your privacy well and consistently as the Cloud.

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